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"Very knowledgeable and experienced in the FileMaker solution. Great Staff."

Michael McCurry, Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office

"As much as we needed a software solution, we also needed somebody that we could partner with that could take us through that process and help guide us."

Jonathan Herston

They respond promptly to every emergency, and are always very pleasant and patient to work with

Joey Zepeda
“Filemaker has been invaluable to our business. It is not a box solution but a customized solution to address and meet each nuance of our needs and track and manage contract requirements. It has improved productivity, created visibility across the Team, improved communication, and helped to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.”
Teri Twigg

Vice President of Administration, Makwa Global, LLC

“As we continue to work with Moss Rock Solutions on Gesher Gallery, it keeps getting better and better. Drayton has been so helpful.”


Gesher Media

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