Hurricane Ian & HaulPass

The U.S. witnessed nature’s destructive power when category 4 Hurricane Ian landed in Florida on September 28th, 2022. Ian caused over 100 deaths and billions of dollars in insured losses, affecting thousands who needed support. Rostan Solutions, a disaster recovery company, is on the ground throughout Florida, helping manage the vast cleanup after Hurricane Ian, removing trash, downed trees, silt and sand washed up by the storm surges, flooded cars and boats, demolished homes, and hazardous materials.  

HaulPass is Rostan’s custom-built software and hardware solution that tracks and manages large, complex cleanup operations after natural disasters, delivering critical data to those who need it, and reporting progress to field personnel, municipalities, federal agencies, and contractors. HaulPass 1, which ran on SYMBOL handheld devices, was well ahead of its time and distinguished Rostan from their competitors for many years. But after ten years of service, it was showing its age and could not run on modern mobile or web technologies, preventing Rostan from adding the long list of improvements they dreamed of. 

In 2016 Rostan approached Moss Rock Solutions about building HaulPass 2.0, a full rewrite that could run on iPads and the web, capture live GPS coordinates and publish them to the web, and operate in an environment with no cellular or Wi-Fi. Moss Rock Solutions had extensive experience building innovative software solutions to solve complex problems. Through their highly collaborative development approach and deep dive into the complexities, challenges, and nuances of Rostan’s workflow, HaulPass 2 was ready to deploy for the 2017 hurricane season.  

HaulPass 2 tracks debris pickups with before and after photos, reliable spatial data, personnel time and mileage, operational costs, photos; it emails contractors their daily load receipts, allows clients to download progress reports, manages data corrections, and much more.  

Additionally, HaulPass helps Rostan bill governmental and private clients for cleanup operations, track employees and contractors in the field, and display debris pickup locations on a client website. Rostan received more than they had hoped for: a larger, more intuitive interface made it much easier to capture information and prevent data entry errors amidst a sometimes chaotic, post-hurricane environment. HaulPass can run field operations completely in a setting with no cellular or Wi-Fi connection to the internet. Debris pick-ups are visible to Rostan’s clients and contractors through a new website where they can download reports about their debris removal activities.  

As Hurricane Ian hit Florida, there was no guessing what might happen. Ian left over a million people and businesses without power, causing over 100 deaths and over $47 billion in damages. But Rostan Solutions quickly deployed on the ground to aid affected communities. Moss Rock Solutions stood behind them to support HaulPass and make changes to handle unique situations as they arise. One of our developers, Tim Enloe, and his wife traveled to Florida to help with the debris pickup.  

Natural disasters like Hurricane Ian affect so many lives. Without the help of disaster recovery companies like Rostan Solutions, recovery from these would be slow. Without our custom software solution, Rostan would still be managing its data on old hardware systems with inefficient processes. With HaulPass, the hurricane recovery process is organized, fast, and efficient. 

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