Unlock the Power of Network Rewards: Boost Your Savings and Connections!

Are you ready to take your client connections and turn them into rewards? Our brand-new Network Rewards program is here to reward you for your loyalty to our business and turn your connections into real savings. It is not just about what you get but what you can give back to your business associates, friends, and family. Let’s dive into the details and discover how you can supercharge your savings and network with Network Rewards, and why you should share this incredible opportunity with your contacts. 

How It Works: Earning Network Rewards 

As a valued Moss Rock Solutions client, you are already enjoying exceptional services. Now, imagine getting rewarded for sharing these exceptional services with your network. Here is how it works: 

When you refer Moss Rock Solutions to a business in your network, and they become a client and pay for their first 50 billable hours, you earn a Network Reward: a 10% discount coupon for your billable hours.  

Why You Should Refer: It’s a Win-Win! 

Imagine this – by referring a business in your network, you are not just sharing the benefits of custom software solutions, but you are also ensuring your own financial well-being. The Network Rewards program allows you to: 

  • Enjoy effortless savings: No extra forms or tracking on your part required. Simply refer, and watch your monthly expenses decrease. 
  • Expand your network: Every referral you make strengthens your personal and professional connections, builds trust with your contacts, and opens new opportunities and connections. 
  • Get rewarded for your advocacy: When you refer us, you are not just sharing your experiences; you are earning ongoing discounts. You get a coupon for discounts on billable hours, and your friend gains valuable custom software. 
  • Ensure lasting value: The discounts earned through Network Rewards are not a one-time deal; every time you refer, you continue to reduce your monthly bills, ensuring you continue to benefit over time. 

Enhanced Rewards for the Enthusiastic Referrers 

For those who are genuinely excited about this program, there is even more in store. When you refer Moss Rock Solutions to more than 5 clients who reach 50 billable hours, your Reward for the 5th referred client becomes 15%. And this enhanced reward applies for every 5 clients referred thereafter. 

Who’s Eligible? 

Referred clients must be new clients who have never received services from Moss Rock Solutions/Scott Howard Consulting. They should also reach 50 billable hours before you earn the Reward. 

How to Share and Stay Informed 

It is time to spread the word! Share your experiences with Moss Rock Solutions through word of mouth, email, social media, or any appropriate channel. The more you share, the more you save! 

Rest assured; you will not miss your well-deserved rewards. We will notify you via phone, email, and/or meetings when you receive a Reward. We want you to be aware of the benefits you are earning. 

So, why wait? Do not keep the benefits of Moss Rock Solutions to yourself. Start referring today and experience the benefits of savings, connections, and more with Network Rewards. Share this incredible opportunity with your network and let us grow together. It is a win-win for you and your connections!