10 Great Examples of Successful Customized Software Programs

The sky is the limit when it comes to customized software programs. This may sound like a good thing, but it might leave you feeling overwhelmed with so many options. 

When overwhelmed, it’s easy to freeze and do nothing. You know that your business and/or customers can benefit from customized software but need a little help getting started. You know you want to save time and money while automating systems and allowing for departmental integration, but how? 

Start to dream, and create your wishlist now! Take a look at some customized software examples that will streamline your systems, make better use of resources, and elevate your business overall.


Account Management

Customers can manage their own accounts with custom software tailored to your experience. In the process, your customers feel empowered, and your team members save time and resources. 

Save yourself time and money by allowing your customers to manage their own accounts. Customers can take care of details like memberships, shipping instructions, and recurring charges. 


Management and Scheduling Tools

The project manager in your company has a tough job trying to keep tabs on everyone and all projects. You can simplify this experience with custom software. 

Your managers can use custom software to set team member schedules, assign projects, set up training, and document daily activities. When everyone is on the same page, productivity can soar, and frustrations are minimized.

Find a better way to manage projects with Asana.


Financial Website Accounts

Nearly all financial institutions use custom software to interact with their customers. In the financial world, security one of the most important aspects to consider. Custom software is beneficial if you deal with secure information or need a safe data transfer. You can also automate processes that your team members currently complete by hand, which frees up time and company resources. 


E-Commerce Solutions

If you sell goods online, or if you provide both goods and services, e-commerce software solutions are necessary. Make life easier by integrating your online store into your existing website.

With this setup, you can organize products, track inventory, and take payments with shipping information. Better yet, automate your systems! Update your inventory, create shipping labels automatically, set up alerts when stock is low, and allow your customers to take charge of their buying experience.

Debating between Shopify and Square? Check out this ultimate comparison by Merchant Maverick


Automated Invoicing

Do you still send paper invoices to customers? You don’t have to! You can make payments, get paid, and process payments with custom automated invoicing software. You can also track your productivity, invoices, tax forms, and other documents with the click of a button.

Your custom software can create a better experience for your clients, and streamline your internal operations. Submit purchase orders and track your business purchases with automated invoicing.

As a freelancer, getting those invoices scheduled and paid on time is a necessity for best bookkeeping practices. Along with tracking invoices and payments, Fiverr Workspace helps you create custom contracts and proposals, as well.

Small business owners! Check out Gusto. You’re welcome.


Content Management System

Suppose your website has many products or large amounts of information to offer. In that case, you need custom software to manage your content. Customers want to see an easy-to-navigate menu, pictures, and a simple purchase procedure if you have a commerce site. 

Your website also needs to have the most up-to-date product information, organize products in various ways, and be secure. Your potential customers will go elsewhere if your website doesn’t deliver a stellar customer experience.


Automated System For Business Processes

Are your business processes tedious? Is it difficult for different departments to talk and share information? Are you still using paper for processing requests? 

If you answered yes to these questions, think about how much time and team member frustration you would save by creating a business process automation system. You can streamline communication, operate transparently, get rid of errors, and work more efficiently.


Student Portals For Schools And Universities

Student portals are another successful customized software implementation example. Each school and university is different and has different policies and needs. These portals need to be secure and contain relevant information to the particular student and school.

In the past, signing up for classes, viewing grades, and checking schedules needed to be done on paper. Communication took place during class and maybe through email. Today, all of this can happen in one place online. Are there aspects of this system that could work for your business?


Medical Patient Portals

Medical patient portals are another example of successful custom software programs. Security is essential for a patient’s personal medical and payment information. These portals need to allow for communication between the patient, doctors, and financial departments. They also need to be user-friendly.

These portals free up team members. Patients can take care of their needs through the portal instead of contacting the medical office directly. 


Volunteer Coordination

Successful customized software examples don’t only come from for-profit businesses. Non-profit organizations also use custom software. Allowing volunteers to sign up online streamlines the process. Organizations can also create schedules, perform background checks, fundraise, and more readily communicate through custom software. 

VolunteerLocal is a user-friendly option if you are a non-profit organization looking for an affordable packaged software solution!


Benefits Of Browsing Customized Software 

Did reading through these custom software examples kick-start your imagination? Are you already thinking about how to remove stress from your team members and make workflows more efficient?

Consider your current software and company processes. What could be improved with custom software? Head over to your competitor’s website and look at their user experience. What do they do that you could emulate?

When you have reliable custom software supporting your business, you can thrive. Your customers will have an excellent experience and keep coming back. Your team members will feel less stressed and be able to work more efficiently with systems built for them to thrive. 

With all that time and money saved, where can your business go? The sky is the limit.

Ready to get started building your own custom software? Schedule a call with Moss Rock Solutions. We listen to your ideas and ask questions to better understand your needs. Then, our team will work with you to create the custom software you need to turn your vision into reality!