Transforming Family Support: How FRC Case Works Streamlines Case Management for Alabama’s FRCs

Alabama is one of the poorest states in the country. 16.2% of Alabama’s population is below the poverty line according to Organizations like Family Resource Centers (FRC) are crucial for Alabama. FRCs have been supporting families in Alabama since 1999 and offer a wide variety of services aimed at protecting children and strengthening and assisting families ( “FRCs utilize an approach that is strengths-based, multi-generational, and family-centered” (

With their extensive variety of programs and outreaches, paperwork abounds. FRCs store data, forms, and records on Excel spreadsheets, making it difficult to find proper documentation, especially for funding purposes. Without accurate documentation, FRCs could lose thousands of dollars, impacting their ability to serve the families within their programs and communities.

That’s where we come in. Jefferson County FRC needed to formalize a document system that worked for the entire team. They struggled to keep information organized and had user errors occurring. For example, someone within their office deleted a ton of information from an Excel sheet and had to scramble to regain the information. They reached out to us in hopes of improving their document management and reporting. And according to Carrie Buntain, Moss Rock Solutions “exceeded those expectations.”

Moss Rock Solutions developed a comprehensive application for case management that allows its users to access cases and intakes along with their deadlines, contacts, links, etc., called FRC Case Works. FRC Case Works allows family resource centers to manage intakes, cases, programs, events, and charitable gifts easily and in one place. Centers with multiple programs can assign team leaders and case workers for each client. Classes can be scheduled and tracked per individual. FRC Case Works helps with their documentation process and eliminates the possibility of duplication of effort.

JCFRC hoped for a case management system that was easy to use and customizable to their needs. Assistant Director of JCFRC, Valerie Delgado, said, “If you are doing something for a fellow FRC, you are also giving the benefit to the rest of us. That is something that you offer that no one else does. Because you are working with so many FRCs, you understand us in a way that many other options don’t.”

As we work with family resource centers and continually make improvements, we hope to change the lives of families. Our desire in helping FRCs is not just to build functional, user-friendly software. We hope to support families that are in need within our communities. Family resource centers want to spend more time helping people and less time dealing with inefficient, time-consuming documentation. And that is why we built FRC Case Works.

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